Christian Grunwald


"Video detection enables a new dimension of controlling an intersection"



Christian Grunwald & Frank Reihl (Germany)

Bergisch Gladbach has been one of the first cities worldwide to install TrafiCam x-stream sensors. In order to improve the traffic flow and reduce the vehicle waiting time at its intersections, 109 wide angle TrafiCam x-stream sensors have been installed throughout the city.

Two companies closely involved in the Bergisch Gladbach project - PVT Planungsbüro für Verkehrstechnik Essen GmbH as consultant and STOYE GmbH as system integrator – share their experiences with TrafiCam x-stream.

Christian Grunwald – PVT Planungsbüro für Verkehrstechnik Essen GmbH:

“A combination of factors convinced us to choose this type of sensor. First of all, its life expectancy is much longer compared to inductive loops. Also, we’ve seen that bad road conditions do not affect its detection quality and performance. And last but not least, with TrafiCam x-stream you can configure a large number of virtual loops: data on the exact number of vehicles at an intersection are provided and it’s possible with the virtual loops to track vehicles over a distance of 35 meters until they cross the stop line. Video detection enables a new dimension of controlling an intersection.”

Frank Reihl – STOYE GmbH:

 “Traficon x-stream is a video detection system which is very easy to use. You are not obliged to use a special kind of cable, so adding sensors to the network afterwards is possible, which also saves additional costs. Another advantage is the easy and safe configuration of the Traficon x-stream. The configuration is so self-explanatory that you just cannot make mistakes while setting up the sensors. In the majority of cases you don’t even have to make readjustments.”



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