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Flemish research center Flanders' Drive demonstrates smart mobility with Traficon technology



Traficon contributes to Flemish research on green and smart mobility

Wevelgem, Belgium, 18 October 2011 – On 13 October 2011, the Flemish press witnessed a demonstration in Lommel, Belgium, presenting how Traficon technology can collaborate with so-called smart vehicles. The demonstration fitted into the Vision project of Flanders’ Drive, the research center for the automotive industry, which collaborates with a consortium of companies to research and test the possibilities of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication. The ultimate commitment of this research project is green and smart mobility.

In the successful demonstration a Traficon C-Walk pedestrian detector was combined with a so-called smart vehicle, which was equipped with a camera detection system. The communication between the detector and the vehicle makes sure that the driver is warned about what happens in his surroundings, even if it happens outside his field of view. By communicating with Traficon technology, the vehicle can spot vulnerable road users that are far away or difficult to see. With this information, the smart vehicle can warn the driver for possible dangers.

“Together with Flanders’ Drive and its project partners, we want to learn more about Vehicle-to-Infrastructure-communication,” comments Michael Deruytter, product manager at Traficon and collaborator at the Flanders’ Drive project. “At the same time, we want to contribute actively to the research on this innovative technology. Thanks to this project, Traficon also has the possibility to test its pedestrian monitoring products in a real-life environment.”

Preliminary results
With this demonstration, Flanders’ Drive wanted to announce the first results of the Vision project. Among other things, the consortium already achieved a first version of the application software and a prototype system for communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure detection systems. Next steps have been defined as well, for example the extension of the system towards detection of cyclists at intersections and roundabouts.

Traficon pedestrian sensors
Traficon develops pedestrian sensors which can be placed at signalized intersections and which are designed to protect vulnerable road users and make traffic flows more efficient. Traficon’s pedestrian monitoring flag ship products are SafeWalk and C-Walk. SafeWalk is an intelligent video sensor using stereovision that will detect pedestrians at kerbsides. C-Walk is an integrated camera and detector that will detect pedestrians on signalized intersections and mid-block crossings. By continuously screening vulnerable road users at and near crossings, it is possible to control traffic lights more dynamically.

About Flanders’ Drive
Flanders’ Drive is the Flemish technological competence center for the automotive industry that collaborates with leading companies and research centers for dedicated research on the vehicle of the future. Flanders’ Drive collaborates with more than 170 Flemish partners. Flanders’ Drive is based in Lommel, Belgium, and disposes of a high-technology research and testing infrastructure next to the Ford Lommel proving ground.

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