The World of Traffic Video Detection - Directed by Traficon

Why wear seatbelts? Yes, it’s the law but it also makes sense!

SafeWalk - Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Concept!

Intelligent Pedestrian Detection: SafeWalk and C-Walk in action!

Expect the unexpected!

Automatic Incident Detection - "The Best of 2010"

Intelligent Traffic Light Signal Timing

Traficon nominated for the IWT awards 2011

Smoking Hot

SafeWalk pedestrian detection at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA

Video Detection during Wintertime

TrafiCam Cartoon: Smooth Traffic at Intersections

Bicycle Riding on the Highway. Why?

Shaking Camera. Stable Detection.

Tunnel Car Crashes Compilation - YouTube Demonstration


Mind your head. Tunnel ceiling coming down!


Tunnels are probably one of the most dangerous monitoring environments. In a tunnel, a seemingly small event - smoke, spilled cargo, a pedestrian - can cause a traffic incident that quickly escalates into a major tragedy. Trapped in a tunnel with no chance to escape!

More and more traffic managers are convinced that investments in incident management are absolutely necessary. As they know, effective incident management can save lives!

In the movie below, the operator receives a visual alarm within 10 seconds from the video detection system. Luckily there are no serious injuries here but it could have been a lot worse...


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